Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment using Shockwave Therapy

A few years ago I heard lot about using shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis treatment and other chronic conditions, such as Achilles and patellar tendinosis, with amazing results in only three sessions. I decided to look into it more and found a couple of very good quality scientific papers published in American Journal of Sports Medicine, confirming the highly effectiveness of this therapy in an average of three sessions.

In October 2003, I traveled to Athens, Greece to present my research, “Sydney Olympic 2000 Taekwondo Athlete Profile” for the 7th IOC World Congress on Sports Sciences. This Congress is one of the most prestigious and attended congresses in the world. There were 900 scientists from all over the world presenting their research. The Elector Medical Systems from Switzerland had a booth there showcasing their shockwave therapy system. I had the opportunity to experience this therapy and ask questions. The radial shockwave are high-energy acoustic waves that are transmitted through the surface of the skin and spread radially (spherically) into the body.

The body responds with increased metabolic activity around the site of the pain. This stimulates and accelerates the healing process. The shockwave therapy is used for those with chronic heel, shoulder, Achilles, knee (patellar tendon) and lateral elbow (tennis elbow) pain for more than three months with very little response to conventional therapy. The literature suggests total resolution of symptoms in most patients with three sessions of 5-10 minutes. Marked pain relief is observed in most patients in just eight to ten days after the first treatment. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at our Chiropractic Clinic Toronto.

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Shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis references:
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3. Rompe et al. Shock Wave Application for Chronic Plantar Fasciitis in Running Athletes (Am J Sports Med) 31: 268-275, 2002.

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Joshua De Pinto
Joshua De Pinto
21:13 05 Apr 19
Absolute professionalism from Dr. K. Gives great advice and... even better treatment for his patients. Widely recognized nationwide for his chiropractic treatments. Would not trust going to anyone else but Dr K!read more
20:43 14 Feb 19
Dr.k has helped me considerably with my hearing problems... due to my TMJ. He is such a nice man, who will listen to what you have to say, and do his utmost to help you. His staff are also caring and attentive. I would recommend him Highly and have done so on many occasions. If your thinking of going to see him, don’t hesitate, you won’t be sorry.!read more
Asbed Keskinian
Asbed Keskinian
22:23 07 Feb 19
Service delivery, massage treatment and customer service... was exceptional. Dr. K is very knowledgeable and has significant experience in the rehabilitation industry. I have referred all my family, friends and have received positive feedback from them as well. Will definitely recommend Dr. K to anyone with rehabilitation more
Suzanne Snyder
Suzanne Snyder
23:34 06 Feb 19
I am so thankful for Mohsen (Dr K). He does more than many... chiropractors Ive been to. Totally fixed me up more than once. Also applies heat/ very low electrical impulses. Also exercises. Lovely staff! No long waits! I highly recommend him!read more
Natalie Auyang
Natalie Auyang
20:22 06 Feb 19
Dr. Kazemi is the best doctor in his areas of expertise.... When other medical doctors say it cannot be treated - or an athlete cannot compete due to a serious injury - Dr. K has proven them wrong. He has treated my family from growing pains to serious sport-related injuries over the years, and he has successfully helped us every time. He is a kind and caring professional whose knowledge and abilities are nothing short of a miracle. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for more
victor ji
victor ji
16:46 01 Feb 19
Doctor K has helped me tremendously with my Achilles’... tendon. I to be honest wouldn’t know what to do without him. He is so knowledgeable and humble and sometimes I feel like he’s a more
Myung's Taekwondo
Myung's Taekwondo
18:59 25 Jan 19
Doctor Kazemi has helped our athletes for many years. He... is the reason our athletes recover quick and performing at a high more
Edward Fong
Edward Fong
18:52 25 Jan 19
Dr K has helped me and my athletes. He is knowledgeable... for our sport and is someone we can always rely more
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