Lower Limb Soft Tissue Massage Therapy Workshop

Lower Limb Soft Tissue Massage Therapy WorkshopPlease check back later for our next seminar date.

A presentation on the state of research in vibration therapy and the principles of VMTX® Vibromax followed by a  hands-on workshop using this innovative soft tissue massage therapy technique.

Location: DoctorK Chiropractic Clinic Toronto
3 Sydnor Rd, North York, On, M2M 2Z9

By: Dr. Mohsen Kazemi, RN, Doctor of Chiropractic, FRCCSS(C), FCCPOR(C), PhD, Acupuncture

Seminar $350 + HST

Seminar, VMTX Thumper device & DVD/ebook download
$600 + HST

Dr Kazemi Doctor of ChiropracticPresenter Biography

Mohsen Kazemi RN, DC, FRCCSS(C), DACRB, FCCPOR(C), MSc., PhD 
Dr. Kazemi graduated from CMCC (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College) in 1996 and is a Professor of Clinical Education and coordinator for the Sports Sciences Residency program. He is a Fellow of Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada), Fellow of College of Chiropractic and Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation (Canada) and has practiced acupuncture for 20 years. He has successfully defended his PhD thesis, “What Makes a Successful Sparing Taekwondo Athlete?” through South Wales University. He has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented research in Taekwondo and chiropractic worldwide. He is assistant editor of the Journal of Canadian Chiropractic Association and associate editor for Acta Taekwondo et Martialis Artium (ATMA).  He has authored the first complete book on vibration plate exercise programs, (“Vibration Plate Exercises”).

He is the inventor of the VMTX Vibromax Therapeutics® soft tissue therapy technique, the Kazemizer, a portable exercise device that assists in the prevention of lactic acid build-up, and the Kazemizer Shark®, an instrument assisted soft tissue therapy mobilization IASTM tool.

He has been the appointed Alternate Chiropractor for Core Canadian Health Care Team for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics, Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, Rio 2007 Pan American Games and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; served as the Core Canadian Medical Team Chiropractor at Santa Domingo 2003 Pan American Games and Canadian Taekwondo team Chiropractor at Beijing 2008, and Rio 2016 Olympics. He was appointed Chiropractor to Mount Cypress at 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the only Canadian Chiropractor at the first Youth Olympic Games, Singapore, 2010, and Chiropractor at 2011 and 2015 Pan am Games. He holds a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo. He has been the medical Chair for Ontario Taekwondo Association since 2003, Taekwondo Canada Medical Chair 2009-10 and High-Performance IST (Integrated Support Team) coordinator 2015-2016. He has been Canadian Poomsae Taekwondo Champion for several years, World Taekwondo Hanmadang champion in 2008, Silver medalist at Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships 2008, bronze medalist Pan Am Taekwondo Championships 2012, 2014 and 2016. He has served as travelling team doctor and team chiropractor with Canadian Taekwondo National team since 1998.

Soft Tissue Massage Therapy Workshop Overview

Lower Limb Soft Tissue Massage Therapy WorkshopVMTX Vibromax Therapeutics™ is an innovative soft tissue massage therapy technique utilizing the effect of vibration via the art of compression and tension along and over the soft tissues along the known kinetic chains to break down adhesions and scar tissues, decreasing pain, restoring function and enhancing performance with minimal discomfort to the patients and the providers.

Dr. Kazemi will provide a brief introduction on the state of research in vibration therapy and the principles of VMTX®.  He will demonstrate and guide you through each procedure.  You will have ample opportunity to practice with a partner and receive personalized feedback. Review of the material learned as well as a question and answer period will end the workshop.

Seminar Goals

  • Lower Limb Soft Tissue Massage Therapy WorkshopTo communicate indications and contraindications to VMTX®
  • To be informed of the evidence on vibration therapy
  • To learn about the myofascial kinetic chains of lower limb
  • To learn how to use VMTX® and the principles of VMTX® soft tissue massage therapy
  • To learn various application of VMTX® for lower limb conditions

On Monday Morning you will be able:

  • To communicate indications and or contraindications to VMTX® to your patients
  • To effectively provide VMTX® to your patientsLower Limb Soft Tissue Massage Therapy Workshop


  • Lower Limb
  • Chain 1: Superficial Posterior Lower Limb Chain
  • Chain 2: Posterior Lateral Lower Limb Chain
  • Chain 3: Deep Posterior Lower Limb Chain
  • Chain 4: Lateral Lower Limb Chain
  • Chain 5: Anterior Lower Limb Chain
  • Chain 6: Superficial Anterior medial Lower Limb Chain
  • Chain7: Deep Anterior Medical Lower Limb Chain
  • Chain 8: Deep Lateral Hip Chain
  • Deep Foot Musculature
  • Others

Detailed hour by hour schedule

Lower Limb Soft Tissue Massage Therapy Workshop8:30- 10:30am
Introduction to evidence for vibration therapy and principle of VMTX instrumentation, Chain1

10:30 – 10:45 
Nutritional break

Chain 2,3


Chain 4,5,6

Nutritional break

Chain 7, 8 and Deep Foot Musculature

Questions and answers

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Meshkat Hosseini
Meshkat Hosseini
18:48 06 Oct 22
Overall I am very satisfied with the... services I received. I went in with a broken ankle, the pain was extremely painful but with the help of Doctor K I could finally overcome the broken ankle.read more
ben rashidi
ben rashidi
13:38 17 Sep 22
I’ve Been to many Chiros. Dr K is very... professional, caring and has a big heart. The receptionist is also very professional and organized. Thank you for you services.read more
Kui Wai LI
Kui Wai LI
01:19 15 Apr 22
I received massage and acupuncture... treatment from Dr.K. His medical knowledge is excellent, and can explain to me my backache problem scientifically. I find his treatment very professional. I have came for the treatment for over two months, beginning with twice a week, then reduced to once a week as I see great improvement. soon, I need to go only when necessary. I have full confident on Dr.K's service and treatment. Really thank him for his treatment.read more
kev cheng
kev cheng
14:09 15 Mar 22
Very Good. Doctor K is very... knowledgeable especially working with athletes. Not only I go there when I have injuries but I also send my students to Doctor K as well.He is personal, very caring, and take his time to make sure his patient gets the best treatment and detail explanation.read more
armin nazempour
armin nazempour
05:33 01 Mar 22
Dorcor K is very professional in his... career and I had a great experience with him during my treatment. I had a knee pain for a long period of time and I thought this problem never could be solved but after his treatment plan the pain was revived. Thanks to himread more
Huahua Fencing
Huahua Fencing
18:34 21 Apr 21
The best clinic for sport injury.... Doctor K has been helping my athletes for many years!read more
Edward Li
Edward Li
20:59 18 Mar 21
Thanks to Doctor K and his treatment... I'm able to get back to training ASAP.read more
Rui Lopes
Rui Lopes
17:43 23 Feb 21
Thank God I found Doctor Kazemi. I was... suffering from back pain for months. Got hurt at work, and I went to many other clinics, and was just getting worst. Finally Dr Kazemi start to work on me. My back recovered in just one month, I feel so good being able to live pain free again.read more
Vanessa Friesen
Vanessa Friesen
00:07 06 Aug 20
A sports injury was causing my teenage... son back pain and affecting his training. We took him to several doctors and all of them said it was a deep muscle injury and there was nothing that could be done except allow it to heal on it's own. A year later, his pain had gotten worse and they were not able to do anything for him other than reccomend he pause training for 3 months. My son's trainer reccomend Dr. Kazemi several times and we finally gave him a try. We were not dissapointed. After 6 weeks of treatments, my son was pain free and has been pain free for nearly a year. If you are considering seeing Dr. K, don't wait.read more
Kristian Pal
Kristian Pal
20:54 27 Jul 20
I ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr Kazemi as I... can honestly say he is one of the best ever in my opinion! He is a kind, compassionate man and brilliant in his knowledge of the body. I suffered from daily headaches and migraines from an accident and was unable to find natural relief until I met Dr K. After years of pain, with Dr Kazemis visits and help I no longer have headaches and finally lead a normal life again. His range of knowledge is amazing and helped me understand my issue and the healing process behind it, as well as provided continual guidance and excellent exercises. Mrs K as well is always very kind and helpful. Thank you Dr K!! If something hurts, let Dr K fix it! Highly recommend!! :)read more
Lorelei Eccleston
Lorelei Eccleston
00:47 16 Jul 20
I highly recommend Dr. K! I am... benefiting from the excellent chiropractic treatment with Dr. K. He is so patient and always listens to my concerns (aches and pains), even though he already knows the answers:) His treatments are really working and I can tell the difference.read more
Joshua De Pinto
Joshua De Pinto
21:13 05 Apr 19
Absolute professionalism from Dr. K.... Gives great advice and even better treatment for his patients. Widely recognized nationwide for his chiropractic treatments. Would not trust going to anyone else but Dr K!read more
20:43 14 Feb 19
Dr.k has helped me considerably with my... hearing problems due to my TMJ. He is such a nice man, who will listen to what you have to say, and do his utmost to help you. His staff are also caring and attentive. I would recommend him Highly and have done so on many occasions. If your thinking of going to see him, don’t hesitate, you won’t be sorry.!read more
Asbed Keskinian
Asbed Keskinian
22:23 07 Feb 19
Service delivery, massage treatment and... customer service was exceptional. Dr. K is very knowledgeable and has significant experience in the rehabilitation industry. I have referred all my family, friends and have received positive feedback from them as well. Will definitely recommend Dr. K to anyone with rehabilitation needs.read more
Suzanne Snyder
Suzanne Snyder
23:34 06 Feb 19
I am so thankful for Mohsen (Dr K). He... does more than many chiropractors Ive been to. Totally fixed me up more than once. Also applies heat/ very low electrical impulses. Also exercises. Lovely staff! No long waits! I highly recommend him!read more
Natalie Auyang
Natalie Auyang
20:22 06 Feb 19
Dr. Kazemi is the best doctor in his... areas of expertise. When other medical doctors say it cannot be treated - or an athlete cannot compete due to a serious injury - Dr. K has proven them wrong. He has treated my family from growing pains to serious sport-related injuries over the years, and he has successfully helped us every time. He is a kind and caring professional whose knowledge and abilities are nothing short of a miracle. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for us.read more
victor ji
victor ji
16:46 01 Feb 19
Doctor K has helped me tremendously... with my Achilles’ tendon. I to be honest wouldn’t know what to do without him. He is so knowledgeable and humble and sometimes I feel like he’s a magician.read more
Myung's Taekwondo
Myung's Taekwondo
18:59 25 Jan 19
Doctor Kazemi has helped our athletes... for many years. He is the reason our athletes recover quick and performing at a high level.read more
Edward Fong
Edward Fong
18:52 25 Jan 19
Dr K has helped me and my athletes. He... is knowledgeable for our sport and is someone we can always rely on.read more
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